Client: IVL Foundation

Creative Field(s): Art Direction, Logo, Identity System, Brand Guide

Providing Aid & Relief to those in need.

Background and Goal:
IVL Foundation was set up with the aim to improve the lives of the communities around us. To empower individuals and to provide opportunities for the less fortunate. To create a world in which all individuals can survive and thrive. Areas of interest are women’s Empowerment, Girls Education, Health, Community Re-building (Disaster relief). They needed a new identity that represents their values.

Brand Voice & Personality:
Peaceful. Gentle yet firm. Inspirational. Provides Hope

Logo Experimentation & Various Options

IVL Foundation Logo R3-06.jpg
IVL Foundation Cover copy.jpg
IVL Guidebook 5-6.jpg
IVL Guidebook 3-4.jpg
IVL Guidebook 6-7.jpg
Spread Update 9-10.jpg